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Posts tagged: autoimmune disease

Oliver Phelps speaks wisdom

When we were making and promoting the films we had to understand grown-up kind of things about how hotels worked, what we needed when traveling, stuff about airports, motorways, that kind of thing. But I wouldn’t say we lost out on our childhood — it just added to it. —Oliver Phelps

I loved this quote because the retired Weasley twin said something that spoke to the heart of a diseased child, I think. You can suffer through this disease, and think it stole part of your life, or you can accept the new experiences, in our case, the hospitals and medicines, and think of them as ADDING to your life, not taking from it. Cool and inspirational quote!

Health Care

I would like to thank President Obama and Justice Roberts for personally saving my life.

Food journal?

I want to keep a food journal, but i think I ought to include stress in my life. I want to monitor how much stress / lifestlye effect my disease. I noticed that alcohol can have an effect, but not always. I want to know if it depends on when I drink it, what time of day, how much ,etc, and how close it is to an infusion date, etc.  But stress may also be a factor, because emotional stress can turn into physical stress, as we know, and physical stress can weaken your defenses. For us, that means an avalanche of problems. Any suggestions about how to organize this journal? Like, how do I rate stress levels? Do I mention stressful things that are happening? Do I keep track of specific events? Anyone else do this?

My own Wonka meme.

My own Wonka meme.


Checking in here, at the tail end of my latest flare.

CRP: from 148 to 97, still going down.

Frequency: from 15 to 3 or 4 / day

State of mind: Bitter.

Thoughts: How is it fair that my friends and colleagues, who endlessly abuse their bodies with buckets of alcohol, fast food and absurd amounts of fried food, fat, pizza and leftover greasy chinese takeout, who live sedentary and carefree lives, can go on to win competitions and acceptance to the grad programs and jobs of their dreams, while I devote my entire life to working hard, eating well, cooking well, and exercise, and I, of all people, cannot get myself out of the hospital bed?


I have begun to notice a direct link between emotional stress and flares of UC. The stress of work and school has seemingly no effect at all. Everyone says “do yoga,” including my doctor. I’ve had two flares in this last semester, the last one ruining my graduation (literally preventing me from graduating until August). Anyone else have any experience with emotional stress and managing UC?


I think the remicade is losing its magic touch!

5 stages

I think I go through the five stages of acceptance every time I have a flare. Anyone else feel this way?